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CVsByTui is dedicated to helping you secure and ace the job interview. We do this by producing a highly marketable CV, Cover Letter and Resume, and by preparing you for interviews. The CV consultation process also helps to develop confidence and readiness for interviews. Take a look below to learn more about our services and what our client's say.


Passionate & Employable

CVsByTui is a reputable name in the Career and CV Writing Industry. Tui works hard to achieve the results her clients desire and deserve. Tui will profile you as the ideal person for the job (passionate and employable). Fees for CV Writing can differ depending on the level of position being applied for and the quality of your current documents. For an accurate quote, email your current CV and CL to Also, send a link or JD for the job you want to apply for.


As a CV Writer/Consultant, Tui separates the extraordinary out of the ordinary. That is what she did for me. She was quick to identify key points that are relevant to what an employer or recruiter wants. Then she skilfully presents this in writing. Somehow, she manages to keep the language personal and professional. I obtained an interview for the first job I applied for and with the help of interview coaching with Tui, I secured the position. I am so thankful for the services provided by CVsByTui. 

Lucy, Food Technologist, PharmaNZ

I highly recommend Tui as a CV Writer. She is an amazing person and always encouraged me. During the covid lockdown, we met via zoom for a CV consultation. Tui knew exactly what I needed to do to get the jobs I wanted and more. She showed me how to select jobs that aligned well with my skills and experience; jobs that were a good fit for me. Then, Tui helped me profile myself for these jobs in writing in a cover letter and CV format. I was really impressed. I  now have a great CV and cover letter template to use as I continue with my job seeking.

Makiyo, Early Childhood Education Assistant/Administrator


Strategic and Confident

CVsByTui provides personalised interview coaching. Tui wants to meet the unique and specific needs of each client. So, whatever the level of position being applied for or level of need, you can rely on Tui to deliver excellent results.


It was my hope to secure an apprenticeship offer, and with Tui's help, that is exactly what I achieved. What worked really well, was knowing what to expect. Tui explained what was likely to happen in an interview and helped me to be ready for that. She taught me how to talk about myself, the wording, sentences and storytelling. Also, the little things we did made a big impact on me, like learning about body language, eye contact and common-sense courtesies when meeting people and the handshake.

Henry, Electrical Apprentice, ETCO

Fees for Interview Coaching is $120.00 Incl. GST (NZD) per session. This includes a self-help booklet, "Guide to Interview Success" by Tui Needham. Contact Tui if you have any questions.

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